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Please pardon our absence


Well, I’ve received several questions of concern from many who were following this blog and referring your friends to this parent help location. Most just wanted to know “Where did you go?”  The answer: We just got busy. No excuses!

As most of you know, this blog comes from Sheridan House Family Ministries in South Florida. We’ve been over whelmed meeting the needs of children and single parent households during the month of December and we’re just now catching up.

To help avoid this in the future and make sure we get you a daily thought on parenting, I have enlisted the help of Torrey Roberts.  As a point of introduction, Torrey is a mother and former behavioral specialist in one of our children’s home’s at Sheridan House.   Torrey has also served as a houseparent alongside her husband Adam. She has extensive training in helping children and parents with today’s challenges.

Most of all, Torrey grew up in a home that utilized all the things we are talking about.  Yes, Torrey is my daughter and one of the best professionals with children I have ever seen.  We’re committed to providing Real Answers for Real Families, and together we will work to make this site a place that is meaningful and relevant on a daily basis for you and your friends.

Please join me in welcoming Torrey to our team, and thank you for your patience!

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