Valentine’s Week – What is Love | Part 2

Valentine’s Week – What is Love | Part 2

Feb 14

Love is… not punching my brother. – Benny, age 6

The first attribute found in God’s definition of love (1 Corinthians 13) is patience.  In today’s society we don’t do well with patience.  We have been trained for the immediate and today’s children are no different.  Patience is something that is taught by modeling this behavior.  You cannot tell a child to be patient with their sibling and then be in the car driving to the grocery store yelling at the driver in front of you because he is going too slowly.

As parents we must remember that there are always eyes watching to see how we will handle situations.  A child is more prone to do what we do rather than do what we say.  They are visual learners. We must be conscious how we are reacting to the things around us in word and action.  When they watch us our children are learning the “love acted out loud” virtue of patience.

What does it mean to be kind?

Valentine’s Week – What is Love | Part 1

Valentine’s Week – What is Love | Part 1

Feb 13

Love to me means that I have a open heart for others.  ~Dani, age 7

While Valentine’s Day in the classroom means candy and parties, for others it is a source of pressure and for some it is just downright depressing.  What would happen if families used the month surrounding this holiday to teach children what it means to show love to the people around them?  We are told in Matthew 22 that to love our neighbor is “equally as important” as “loving the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind.” In fact the word love is used over 600 times in the Bible.

Sadly in today’s society we have no idea what it means.  To a child life revolves around them but we are raising a generation of adults who have not grown out of this.  To raise a marriageable and employable adult we have to cultivate the concept of love in our children.

What better a time to focus on this trait as a family then Valentine’s week?

How do we teach children real love? Please join us as we spend this week discussing the responsibility we have as parents to teach “love”.

Grand Parenting | Part 5

Grand Parenting | Part 5

Feb 10

Fun And Faith

The amazing Legacy that a grandparent can leave their grandchildren is their faith.  One of the easiest ways to do this is through prayer.  It is an amazing treasure to know that even though I never met him I was prayed for by my great grandfather.  Take the time to pray for your grandchildren, their future spouse and future children.

The next thing you can do is share your faith by modeling what it means to be godly adult.  Even if your children or their spouses are not Christians you can be a role model by living out your faith.

A verse of encouragement in this are is Deuteronomy 6:2, “and so you and your children and grandchildren might fear the LORD your God as long as you live. If you obey all his laws and commands, you will enjoy a long life.”


For more on leaving a Legacy for your children/grandchildren listen to today’s podcast.


Grand Parenting | Part 4

Grand Parenting | Part 4

Feb 09

Getting Through Differences

Another difficulty of the parent/grandparent relationship is finding the balance.  Something seems to happen in a grandparents mind the moment their grandchild is born.  They all seem to feel a sense of relief that they do not have to be the one who is in charge an carry the weight of discipline and training but get to be the ones who lavish love on the child.  Like the scripture that we posted earlier this week, grand parenting is one of God’s rewards.  But where is the balance?  Children still need to know that there are boundaries at grandma’s house.  And what do you do when you see your own children being to lax or hard in the discipline area?

Those are difficult questions that must be dealt with.  Continuing to keep an open dialog with your grown children is important.  If it is something that is being done to the detriment of the child then of course speak up.  Just make sure to do it in a loving manner with lots of time set aside to discuss.  Just keep in mind that no parent wants to feel nit picked especially when it comes to how they parent, so pick your battles wisely.


For more on the topic of balance in grand parenting listen to today’s podcast.

Grand Parenting | Part 3

Grand Parenting | Part 3

Feb 08

Long-Distance Grand Parenting

One of the difficulties for today’s grand parent is the fact that many families are separated by distance.  Long gone are the days where family all live on the same block.  So many families are having to get creative at overcoming the barrier of distance.

Today’s technology has been a great asset for this and many grandparents are teaching themselves to be technologically savvy in order to stay in touch. Social media and email can be a great way to send pictures quickly and even communicate with older grandchildren.  Another recent addition which is a great communication tool is the use of skype/facetime.   Many grandparents/grandchildren can have face to face contact even on a daily basis through the use of these tools.

Another fun way to let your grandchildren know you care is sending letters or care packages.  Children love to receive mail and who wouldn’t love to get a package with some of grandma’s home baked goodies.  Creating a lasting bond over the distance may take a little more effort on each family members part but it is well worth it to be involved in your grandchildren’s lives.


Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on closing the distance gap for today’s grandparents.