Fathers and Daughters | Part 5

Fathers and Daughters | Part 5

Jun 28

Pursue Her Heart

Many dads may find it easier to relate to sons because they share the same interests.  As we talked about earlier this week pursuing your daughter through giving her your time is worth the effort.  What happens if a father doesn’t take the time to do this?  He makes his daughter search else where for someone who will pursue her.  This is a scary thing because most times it is a boyfriend as she gets older.  If he doesn’t pursue relationship but only gives her affirmation when she does something well; he is teaching her that performance = worth or acceptance.  This is also a scary lesson for a girl to think that she has to “perform” in order to find worth in her boyfriends eyes.

Take the time to pursue your daughter’s heart it is well worth the investment.


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Fathers and Daughters | Part 4

Fathers and Daughters | Part 4

Jun 27

Fathering By Example

A father has a unique opportunity in his daughter’s life to set the precedent for how she is to be treated in other relationships.  He sets her expectations for how she is to be treated in a dating relationship, as a wife and mother and over all as a woman.  He may do this with out even being aware it is happening.

We have constantly reiterated that we have little eyes always watching what we do and how we handle things.  A little girl is always watching the only man in her life to see her worth and value as a girl.   This is influenced by how he treats her mother and other women around them.  By this her father will set the tone for how she thinks women should be treated and if that role is worthy of respect.

Dads, make sure that you always keep in mind that your daughter is seeking to see her value in your eyes and how you love and respect her mother will play a big part in that.


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Fathers and Daughters | Part 3

Fathers and Daughters | Part 3

Jun 26

I’m Your Dad, He’s Your Father

Dads’ have a major responsibility/privilege that has been given to them, they play an huge role in the initial development of a child’s understanding of their heavenly Father.  In other words a child’s understanding of God will stem from how they view their father.  A daughter’s sense of unconditional love and security will greatly be influenced by her dad.  If her dad’s love and acceptance is not related to performance she will have an easier time accepting God’s love and grace.  If she always feels her dad’s protection and has a sense of security with him no matter the circumstances, then she will be able to hold on to the promise, “Fear not, I will never leave you or forsake you.”  If she knows that her dad will do anything in his power to provide for her and her family then she will be able to trust in the provision of God.  The list goes on and on.  What a huge responsibility but privilege that God would allow earthly dads to shape their children’s image of Him


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Fathers and Daughters | Part 2

Fathers and Daughters | Part 2

Jun 25

 Giving Her Time Helps Her Feel Valuable

I have had a very unique opportunity to have observed both the boys and girls in our Sheridan House residential program.  I worked in the girl’s home for ten years as a behavioral specialist and got the privilege to houseparent with my husband in the boys homes for two of those years.  It is so interesting to watch how different genders of the same age spend their free time.  Boys will have free time and either want to play video games, play basketball, or another sport outside.  It all boiled down to some form of competitive fun.  The girls however would either end up in my office sitting on the floor just to talk or paint their nails.  There was even a phase where they could be found sitting on the living room couch knitting! It was never so much about the activity as it was about the time spent with others or relational fun.

It is very important for a father to monopolize on this fact with his daughter.  If he is willing to use it a dad has a secret weapon in getting to know his daughter; he knows what makes her tick, quality time.  Make sure you are giving your daughter that special one on one time where you can hear her heart.  These special times are not a time for lectures but for simply getting to know your daughter.


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Fathers and Daughters | Part 1

Fathers and Daughters | Part 1

Jun 24

Gender Differences

Some may wonder why it is important to discuss the relationship between fathers and daughters.  Is it “politically incorrect” to admit that there are actually gender differences that may cause us to have to address different issues as parents? Even if that is the case, it is true.  There are several places that we can look to in scripture to see where gender differences are celebrated.  When God talks about the roles in marriage, He gives each gender a different role.  It can even be scientifically proven that men and women think and react differently. One is not better then the other by any means.  Male and female minds and emotions were created to compliment each other and work together.

That being said it is important to keep this in mind as we raise our children.  Sons and daughters will be driven by different things, react emotionally to different things and have different needs.  That is why there is no such thing as cookie cutter parenting.  The role of a father is vitally important in every child’s life but he may instill different things to each gender.  Check back this week as we look deeper at this topic of fathers and daughters.


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