Make a memory, have some fun!

Fun … Remember fun? … That part of a family that everyone remembers.  Family fun is very important and it can’t be rented or bought.  It doesn’t have to be a ski trip,  a cruise, or any other expensive vacation.  It’s a time when all the pressure is off and the family does something together that makes everyone laugh.

Family fun is the most hilarious and most remembered when it’s at Dad’s expense … When everyone is laughing at something that dad did.

As we head into this holiday season there are many incredible opportunities to turn the tv off and celebrate family.  It could be the annual family pumpkin carving contest.

For thirty- five years I have had the privilege of working at Sheridan House Family Ministries. Among other things, we have five children’s homes. This is the time of year we have our pumpkin carving contest. One adult and one child working on a pumpkin.

I never win but I always make a big deal about my pumpkin being overlooked and that it should be obvious to any intelligent person that mine is best. The only thing I seem to win is to get the most pumpkin gook thrown on me by the children.

Each year there are sullen teenagers that say they don’t want to do it … But they do. The prize is to watch them burst out laughing and to become children again.

I know it works because I did this with my own children. Fun is what they remember and the stories they want to talk about. “Remember when Dad …!”

It’s time for fun but you have to schedule it in.