The Family Missions Trip

Breaks can be a wonderful time to accomplish things as a family, but that doesn’t always have to mean work.  Consider spending a day doing a mini missions trip as a family.  Many churches use breaks to offer international missions trips but a family missions trip doesn’t have to leave the city around you.   There are many opportunities to teach your kids to be selfless right in your back yard.  What a good tradition to start teaching that every break from school, at least one day will be given to help those around us in need.

You could take your family to volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.  Nursing facilities are also a wonderful place to give of your time.  Older people love to see children and many of them don’t have family close to visit.  You can also check with your church to see if there are any people who need a meal taken to them or their house cleaned.  You can spend the day cooking with your kids making and delivering a meal.  Creating this experience for your children may take some time to plan but it is a lesson worth teaching.  You can even get your children involved in ideas and planning to get them even more excited about it.  Spend some time around the table tonight bouncing ideas off your children, You may be surprised at how creative they can be. Remember that excitement is contagious so if you want your kids to be excited about helping others you have to communicate your excitement!!

Let us know what ideas you come up with, your creativity may help spark ideas for another family!