Welcome to Parenting 911!

Welcome to Parenting 911!

Sep 01

Every parent has faced those moments when it would be nice to have a support system of advice or maybe call a “Parenting 911″ line for the answer to their question. Can’t you hear the conversation?

“This is 911, how can we help you?”

“Yes, I have a teenager…”

Some would say stop right there!  Having a teenager is challenging enough.  The parent continues with, “…I have a teenager and she has been caught lying to us several times in the past several days.   She denies it, but it’s obvious she’s hiding something. Now it is affecting our relationship to the point that we are not even civil with each other. What can I do?”

The Parenting 911 operator would ask a few more questions, and then provide some immediate suggestions and practical steps to help you through the issue. That would be awesome wouldn’t it? This phone number doesn’t exist; but now something even better does. Getting helpful parenting answers in a blog is now available.  A blog creates a community where literally thousands of parents can receive help, whereas a phone line is limited to one-at-a-time.

It is my hope and desire that this blog will provide parents with sound Biblical advice and insight that I’ve gleaned over the years as a parent, combined with thirty five years of experience working with thousands of families here at Sheridan House Family Ministries.

Why are we doing this? Two answers: We want to serve you and your parenting needs.  We also feel compelled to find yet another way to communicate that our Lord does have the answers we need to become the families He has planned for us to be.

Parenting 911 is here to help today’s parents.  I look forward to hearing from you over the weeks and months ahead. Please bookmark our site.  The content of Parenting 911 will continue to build as a reference center for you and your family. If there is an issue you’re dealing with, that we haven’t yet discussed, please feel free to share how we can serve you. And if you have comments on an issue we have discussed, I hope that you will share them.

Thank you again for visiting Parenting 911.


  1. Jennifer

    Yipee!!! This is going to be a much sought after resource. I can’t wait to share it with my friends. Thanks to Amy for mentioning it on Facebook!

  2. Michele Brewster

    Yay! I will definitely be reading this daily! Thanks Bob!

  3. Robert Barron

    Great! As a father of two pre-teen young sons – I definitely welcome the counsel, help and advice. Thanks for investing in our families.

  4. Krista Martin

    Great site Bob! I am glad to see this come to life. Can’t wait to check it daily..

  5. Debbie Petersen

    This is just perfect. Thank you Bob Barnes!! You’re the best!

  6. Well done! Looking forward to watching God work through this.

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