Sleepovers & Slumber parties

Lisa, one of our readers, recently asked about slumber parties.  There are positive reasons to allow your child to participate in a sleepover but there is also a need for some homework before you say yes.

Sleepovers or slumber parties offer two opportunities.  One significant opportunity is to emancipate your child from moms apron strings (if that’s even still a term, since nobody wears an apron anymore).  Your oldest child might find it difficult to spend the night away from you, while your youngest won’t even say goodbye as they run in the door of the sleep-over house.  Sleeping away from home is good practice for independence.

Sleepovers also offer mom and dad some alone time. There were seasons when my wife and I needed alone time but couldn’t afford to go anywhere.  The nights our children were involved in sleepovers were often great date nights for us.  We either planned a date night when our children were invited to sleepovers or we called a close friend and asked them to let our kids sleep over.

But as we discussed in our earlier posts, it’s important the parents invest the time and do the necessary homework before saying yes.

Tomorrow: What’s the homework before your child does a sleepover.