Having a proper understanding of the development of a healthy self-esteem in your child is so incredibly important … and yet confusing. What is it? Are we born with our self-esteem? How does my child develop a proper self-esteem?  What part, if any, does a parent play?

Self-esteem is one of the most missed, yet significant, areas of child and teen training a parent must choose to take on.  A child with a healthy self-esteem will lead instead of follow.  A teenage daughter with a healthy self-esteem can choose to say “no” to premarital sex.

Self-esteem, the way each of us works at defining our worth in the pecking order of our peers, is one of the most attacked areas of our thinking in our culture.  Marketeers want us to feel better and more worthy if we wear or drive their products.

Every child needs the privilege of becoming exactly what they were fearfully and wonderfully created to become and that requires a healthy, properly aligned understanding of how to esteem themselves.

Ready to tackle the issue of self-esteem? Join me in a short journey of the topic and how we develop it with our kids.

Tomorrow: Exactly what is self-esteem?