One of the things that may be hardest for a parent to do is allow a child to fail.   Obviously in order to protect our children there are times we need to step in.   But there are also times when we must allow them to make the decision.  For example, growing up in our house we had to clean our closet on Saturday morning.   It was our decision whether or not to keep it clean all through the week.   If we chose to keep it clean our job on Saturday was easy.  Most times, however, it was easier through the week to not keep it up.  So the Saturday job became huge.   This was one of those small choices that we were allowed to make; and many times we chose poorly.  But we were allowed to learn this lesson of time management, the hard way.

There are also many times where a child may make a good decision but it may not be the best decision.  In fact, if we as the parent get involved we can make it the best decision.  Even though this is tempting there are times we need to allow the “good decision” to be made in order for our child to learn through it.  This opens up an opportunity for communication after the fact.  We can encourage our child that they made a good decision and help them to see little things they could have “tweaked” to make it the best.