There is a fun craft that you can do with your children to represent the Easter story and the stone being rolled away to reveal Jesus’ resurrection.  It is a great tradition to start with younger children and can be made as elaborate as you want.

Easter Garden

You can take a shoebox or a disposable cake pan.  Fill it with soil or felt.  Cut a toilet paper tube in half to represent the cave. You can cover the tube with flowers or more felt.  Have your children wrap an action figure in cloth, to represent Jesus, and place him in the tomb.  Cover the opening of the “tomb” with a rock.  On Easter morning you can get up and “roll the stone away” to reveal an empty tomb.

This would be a very fun family activity to do beginning with Good Friday.  Then early Easter morning get up and go to the tomb for the big reveal.  Fun little activities like this help to cement these truths in children. Have fun and enjoy their creativity.