It seems as though holding our children accountable is one of the things we do most as parents.  We hold them accountable to get their homework done, clean their room and to do their best in school.  The social scene is no different.  Many parents may fear allowing their child the freedom of hanging out with friends because they have no idea how to hold them accountable to the family rules.

It’s really no different then how we train our small children.  We apply the I.C.E plan.  We need to Instruct our children as to how we expect them to act.  We need to let them know the Consequences when the do not follow the rules set up. Then we must allow them the training opportunity to Exercise their options.  The part we may feel helpless in, is how we know that they are behaving appropriately.

We have the responsibility to check in on our child, especially in the early days of allowing these freedoms.  As a parent you are allowed to drive past Coldstone to make sure that your child is there and behaving appropriately.  You are also allowed to go to the movie theater and make sure they are watching the movie they said they were going to see. Like we have said before your child needs to know that you care enough about them to make the effort to hold them accountable.  It’s not about checking on them.  It’s all about training them to be trustworthy.  That’s a marriageable and employable characteristic.