I read your blogs last week about taking time to communicate with your child. My question is ‘what time?’ Where does a parent find time to communicate with their child?”

The frustration in that question is both loud and very common in today’s family. We actually don’t believe we have time.

We don’t have time to talk and listen to our children because we don’t take the time. You won’t randomly “find” it by mistake.  A parent has to choose to take the time back.

Is signing the child up for every conceivable activity really necessary… Or even beneficial?

Ask yourself some questions.  First, is getting to know the heart of your child important?

Second, ask yourself “how you think that can be accomplished?” This can only be done by giving your child the time and training to learn to talk!

Third, look at the routine your family has fallen into and decide what is currently on the calendar that is less important… And make the choice.

Choosing to raise a human being rather than a human doing takes determination, but its well worth the effort.

Tomorrow: How to know what to drop from your child’s life.