Creating an Easter Advent Calendar

Continuing the discussion of Easter traditions, we are going to take the “Resurrection Eggs” and use them to begin a new tradition.  In our house growing up, every Good Friday, we sat in the living room and opened a few plastic eggs that my mom had put together.  This helped us visualize the Easter Story.  A few years ago in a bookstore, I saw that someone had expounded on the idea my mom had while we were kids.  Because there are twelve eggs, it may take a while to go through all of them with your children in one sitting.  So what we are going to suggest that you open one egg a day leading up to Easter Sunday, and have an activity that will help explain the egg that was opened. They can be used as an Advent Calendar to Easter Sunday.  There is already a devotional written in each so we will provide the family activity over the next few days.

To have the last egg land on Easter Sunday, you need to begin the devotions and activities on March 24th.  That will give you a week ahead to plan.  That will also give you a set of activity ideas for the break.

Along the way if you have any creative activity ideas, please let us know!