Crowning our King

Like we have talked about, the crown of thorns may also be a difficult thing to explain to children.  The fact that Jesus was mocked and beaten will be a hard thing for them to understand.

One thing that my mom did, was show us a branch with thorns.  We were able to hold it as she read that Bible passage.  Having something tactile to hold helped to make it more real.

Explain to your children that the reason they put a crown of thorns on his head was to mock Jesus; saying he was the king of the Jews.  But we know the truth.  Jesus is actually the King of Kings. An activity that can be done to help celebrate that fact is to make crowns. You can make them as elaborate as you have time for.  It would be a great lesson to be able to put the crowns up in a central location in your house to remind us that the King of Kings gave his life for us.  That is the very reason we celebrate this season!!