Dating today doesn’t look at all like it did when we were teens.  On some levels it appears very casual and on others very serious.  The communication age has allowed for people in relationships to be in constant communication.  This communication however, tends to be brief snippets through texting and IM.  This means it is actually more difficult to truly get to know someone.

However, even in this casual, distance relationship era, sexual activity is rampant and very casual.  “Hooking up” sexually is something that can happen for just a day with no relationship “necessary”.  Casual sex is something that is pushed by media, schools and peers.  This is why it is so important that we as parents get involved in this area of our kids lives.  We have to help guide their decisions and be constantly aware of what is going on in this area.  The destructive pattern of today’s teen dating can have emotional, physical and spiritual consequences.   We absolutely must help our teens by discussing standards We also need to help them think through boundaries before they have to make those boundary decisions.  Have discussions about the “what if this were to happen” scenarios. The next few days will be spent discussing how to set up standards and boundaries with your child.