For the next two weeks we will be discussing dating.  There are some today who do not agree with allowing your teenager to “date”. For our purposes we would like to define what we mean by dating.  Dating should never be a “casual” activity.  When it is approached as so, it can lead to hurt and heartache on many levels.  People tend to marry a person that they date, for this reason, dating needs to be taken seriously.  With this being the case, we need to be training our children so they are prepared to date.

When the proper training and boundaries are in place for the dating process there is also an opportunity for your teen’s personal growth.   You would never allow a sixteen year old first time driver to get behind the wheel of a car and drive across the country.  Dating needs to be trained for and treated the same way.  There are many steps that need to be made ahead of time.  Like we have said before, you don’t want your child stepping out onto a college campus not having had this preparation!