Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

Mar 04

During the school year it is easy to let jobs slide and not be consistent with family chores. Spring break is an ideal time to get back on track with a household chore for each child.  It will take time, and there will be many moans from the bleachers when you announce that there each child has a chore to accomplish each morning of Spring Break.  Mom doesn’t have off.  Dad doesn’t have off.  The kids each do a chore or re-polish a standing chore during the break.   This is an excellent time to focus on realistic expectations for daily chores and training your children in what you do expect everyday.

For example you expect your child to have their bed made and room picked up before they leave for school.  Because of the busy morning schedule this has been sliding.  Now is an excellent time to refocus that chore.  You can tell your child that they need to have their bed made and room picked up before anything else can happen that day.  You now have the time to go in to check it and correct anything that does not meet your expectation.  The days’ activities can be put on hold until family chores have met your expectations.

Remember, it’s not really about getting a task done.  It’s all about getting the training done.  Don’t quit!

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