Do your homework for Slumber parties

Do your homework for Slumber parties

Oct 22

The simple fact that your child has been invited to a slumber party has no barring what-so-ever on whether your child will go to that slumber party.

Do your homework. Who are the parents? Do you know them? You wouldn’t let a stranger use your car over night so why entrust your greatest treasure to a stranger?

What is the reason for the slumber party? What do they plan to do? Who will be there? Is it going to be all one gender?

Make no assumptions. Ask your questions before saying yes so you don’t kick yourself later on.

A growing number of parents think it’s cute to have a slumber party for everyone in their child’s first or second grade. Yes, everyone … boys and girls.

It just takes one precocious child to pressure everyone into showing body parts.

Ask all your questions before hand so you can say to yourself, “I’m glad I did,” rather than “I wish I had.”

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  1. Ugh

    Young children showing body parts???? OH GOD AND THEN THEY’LL GET PREGNANT RIGHT?!?!?!? Thank Jesus you were here to stop that.

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