What are some fun Easter family traditions?   There are many fun traditions that we can start as families to prepare families for the Easter Holiday.   Parents can explain the standard tradition of dyeing eggs by sitting around the table together.  There are varying theories as to why we dye eggs, but it is a tradition in Greece and Syria to give eggs dyed red as gifts to represent Jesus death and resurrection.  Families today can use the egg dyeing experience to share the gospel, that we receive beautiful new life in Christ. The eggshell also represents the “cracking open” of Christ’s tomb to bring out our new life.  Ask the children what they think the eggs mean concerning the Easter story.

Continuing on with that tradition, hosting a neighborhood Easter egg hunt is another fun activity that allows the gospel to be presented.

Baking and decorating cookies is also a very fun memory maker.  You can also easily make fun candy, as well.  A great tradition to start is wrapping up all of your homemade baked goods and taking them to a nursing facility on Easter weekend.  On holidays that can become centered on what I get, it is a great reminder to be able to give.  That helps us to focus on the true meaning behind Easter and the amazing gift we were given- Eternal Life.