Sadly, many of our children today have a very entitled attitude.  The media plays some part in this but let’s face it, our parenting has the most effect on a child’s attitude.  Again, a time we can fight this attitude is our activities over a break.  We don’t have to entertain our children to death or spend bundles of money doing it.

All this takes is a little creativity, and of course, some planning.  Plan a day centered on a book to read to your children, like The Chronicles of Narnia, for example. Even food or snacks for the day could relate to the book.  Then sit down together and read the whole book, start to finish.

For younger children, little crafts are fun and inexpensive.  Instead of going to the movies, watch one of the favorites at home with darkened windows and popcorn.  Parks are usually free during the week pack a picnic and spend the day exploring.

Ultimately what your children really want is you! Like we have said in the past those days of time spent, rather than money spent, will be the memories that they carry with them into adulthood!

Let us know your creative and free entertainment ideas!!