Does your family depend on TV for entertainment?  What would happen if you turned off your TV?  Like many others, your family may not even know how to talk to each other let alone have fun together. Use this break.  A break is a great time to try something new. Turn your TV off for at least 24 hrs.  Have a family TV fast.  If you use your TV a lot, be prepared for some whining and complaining but have no fear, this is where the plan comes into play.

You can sit with your family the night before the TV fast, and if your children are older, take a family vote for creative ideas for family night.  Kids that have a piece of the planning tend to be more excited and invested.

If your kids are younger be creative and be sure to communicate excitement.  Family game nights or tournaments, complete with snacks, are always fun.  Make your own ice cream creation.  Family picnics are also great memory makers.  If you get off work to late to go out for a picnic, you can always create a family picnic right there on the floor of your living room.

These kinds of simple family events are the things they remember!