Easter can’t be treated like just another holiday.  It is the foundation for our faith.  Our churches spend countless hours preparing for a ministry opportunity to reach out to the lost.  Why don’t we do this as families? An incredible amount of time is spent leading up to and preparing for Christmas.  Easter should be the same… or even bigger.

Some use a “Lent season” to prepare for Easter. A time when a family chooses to give up something to prepare your focus and heart in the weeks leading up to Easter.  The challenge is to transfer this lesson to children in a way they can understand?

There are many traditions that can be started around the Easter season to help bring the Easter story to a level children can understand.  We will be discussing a few of them over the next few days.

Something to think about as a family is, how do we share the Easter story with those around us?  Is there something that you can do in your community to honor Jesus, and be His ambassador as a family during this holiday season?