Getting the child out of (your) bed

Someone recently emailed me the question “What do you think about letting your child sleep with you at night?”

My immediate response is a question, “What are your long term goals for the child?” One goal for every parent is personal independence for their child; the ability to go off to college and have a sense of personal confidence.

One of the seven things every child needs to accomplish before he or she is ready to leave home is emancipation from his parents. Emancipation begins with getting them out of your bed and into their own bed.

Learning to be alone in a room is one of the first opportunities we have to teach them to trust God for their safety.

Getting a child out of your bed begins with believing that it’s best for the child’s future (not easiest for the child today but best for the child’s tomorrow).  Then comes the discipline to make it happen (discipline for the parent not to cave in).

Next comes the training about trusting God in the darkness and then excitement the next morning for a successful night. It’s time to cheer when your child overcomes the darkness. You’ve taken one more training step toward preparing him for his future.