Giving gifts that Count!

iStock_000002575217XSmall - child christmasHow do you decide what to give your children for Christmas? Do you give them a gift simply because they ask for it or their friends are all getting one? Or do you wait until the last minute and “walk” through a web-site to see what catches your eye.

Good giving begins with good assessment. Who is this child and what are his/her personal gifts. In order to follow the mandate to “train them up in the way they should go…” Parents do need to begin assessing direction in the personality and aptitude of their child.

When my youngest child was a toddler we watched him gravitate toward playing with things that he could build, such as blocks and even cardboard boxes. Sensing a potential builder or architect we gave gifts that would encourage this talent. His other friends were getting video games and he was getting Lego sets or an architectural program.

Is he an architect today? No, he’s the lead pastor of a church, but we did watch him grow up developing a part of his thinking process that has given him patience and long-term goal setting…very much like designing a building.

This Christmas give gifts that feed their gifts.  Instead of just giving gifts that cost, give a gift that counts … toward their future.