Help, My Child is Talking Back

Help, My Child is Talking Back

Oct 23

Of course young children talk back. It’s unfortunate when older children still talk back to their mom, but it’s to be initially expected from younger children to talk back. Children of all ages talk back when they don’t get their way and haven’t yet been taught that there is a consequence for talking back.

No, the parent’s justification can not be “kids will be kids” or “that’s just the way today’s children are.” The reality is that kids will become what they are trained to become.

It’s one of the training responsibilities of parents to help children break the habit of talking back.

This habit will stop when it is consistently coupled with an unpleasant consequence.  If, for instance, every time a child talks back, the parent has the child sit at the kitchen table and write a fifty word note of apology to the parent. Sound unrealistic?

Let’s spend the next couple of days looking at the subject.

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    I like that, I can’t wait til he can write.

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