Teens today still say their parents are the number one influence in their lives.  This is such a comforting thought, especially when it comes the areas of dating and sex.  Teens today are bombared constantly with sex.  It is presented to them in the media, through television, movies, magazines, and commercials. They are bombared with it by their peers. Sexuality is openly discussed in school.  There seems to be no sense of modesty about the topic in today’s teen culture.  This is why it is imperative that parents consistently talk to their teen about sex.

Again, this is not a one time only, birds and the bees type talk or even the discussion that takes place as they “come of age.” This needs to be an on going dialog.  Parents must be a safe place that the teen can come with questions.

We also need to be aware of what our kids are filling their minds with.  Are they becoming desensitized to sex because of what they are exposing themselves to?  We need to monitor what is playing on their ipods.  What music does your child like? Do you even know the lyrics to the songs that they listen to?  Magazines that are pushed at teens, such as Seventeen and others, are very sexually explicit.  Even video games today can be very sexual.  For your teens sake, filter what they are putting into their minds and hearts.  2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us to take captive every thought we have.  That’s a vital discipline parents must teach their teens.