Love means to respect and take care of others. ~ Ferdinand, age 13

Teaching our children to be trustworthy is a valuable life lesson.  It allows them to be marriageable and employable which is one of our ultimate parenting goals to enable our children for success.  It also helps the teen years go more smoothly.  There are two ways to help children learn to be trustworthy.  The first is giving them small amounts of freedom in which to make choices.  Allowing your child to play in their room while you shower is ultimately an exercise of trust.  You are trusting them to not tear their room apart while you are out of sight for a few minutes.  Obviously, this takes parental wisdom about when your child is ready to take these small steps. It is our job to create a safe environment for them to exercise their choices.  Then it is our job to get out of the way and observe.  When they make the right choice we reward that choice; and when they make the wrong choice we give the appropriate consequence.  All of these day to day choices are ultimately creating a person who is trustworthy.

Tomorrow we will discuss the second way to teach trustworthiness.