Love to me means to be nice. ~Riley, age 4

As we continue teaching through the real definition of love found in 1 Corinthians 13, we come upon love does not boast or brag. In other words love is humble and focused on others.  This again seems to be best taught through how we allow siblings to act toward each other.  Do we teach them to applaud the victories of others and encourage through the struggles?

It is common for siblings to try to one up each other.  “Mommy I always eat my food” when their brother is struggling to finish.  This behavior is crying out for the approval and attention of the parent.  It is a balance of encouraging the positive traits but discouraging the tearing down of their sibling.

One way to refocus boasting or bragging, is making the child think of a positive character trait of their brother when something negative is said.  In other words, “you’re right, you did finish your food but we are trying to encourage your brother right now.  What is one thing you think that he is good at? That might help him to feel like he can do this.”  You create the atmosphere for a cheering section rather than competition and bragging.