Love is when you respect the person and accept the person for their faults or short comings but are able to look past that and still feel positive towards the person. ~ Tristen age,13

The next few attributes of love seem to apply best to discipline.  The  attribute “keeps no records of wrongs” is another great quality to help with proper parenting perspective. It is so easy to get�
frustrated (and sometimes to even give up) when it seems like our child is just not getting it. This attribute of love however reminds us that each day is a new beginning, a fresh start. This concept does not allow us to throw failure back at our children. We may even do this unconsciously. It is the “you always” and the “you never” statements. These statements can cause a child to give up, thinking they aren’t able to accomplish what we ask. We must be aware of how we word things and be sure to remember that “tomorrow is fresh, there are no mistakes in it.” – L . M. Montgomery