With the economy the way it is, it is difficult for families to make ends meet.  Many families have to work as hard as they can, so the thought of a break adds even more stress. Younger children are at camps or daycare during the day.  To parents that have to work, this may add extra guilt because they would rather be home enjoying their child’s time off.

Choose to make your evenings count.  Like we talked about yesterday, choose to not allow your TV to dominate your family entertainment.  Because it’s a break, allow your kids to stay up a little bit later so you can take full advantage of those evenings home.   Take some added stress off of your plate by allowing each child to take a night and choose the family’s activity.   This allows each child not only the experience of planning and feeling important, but also the lesson of choosing to be excited about doing something they may not completely want to do.

On this break, break the school year rules. Let them stay up later and have fun.