It seems as though boy/girl parties are happening early these days.  Because of this it creates another opportunity for us parents to help train our children in trustworthiness.  With the start of these parties it opens the door for communication with your child about expectations for appropriate behavior with the opposite sex.

Because of societies’ obsession with sexuality, our children are being bombarded with it.   Take any opportunity to talk with your children about sex.  There needs to be an open door policy in your house in regards to this topic. Children should feel comfortable enough with you to be able to ask you anything.  If they cannot ask you they will ask a friend and probably hear wrong information.

Use these opportunities as training grounds about what will and will not be appropriate for the opposite sex.  You need to be certain that your child is prepared for these parties as well.  Just because your child may be invited to a party does not mean that have to go, especially if you do not feel they are ready. When you do feel they are ready, just like everything else, lay down your expectations for their behavior.  Again you will need to check up on them to hold them accountable.  You can come a little early to pick them up to check in or even help to chaperone the party. Check to see if they are still wearing the same clothes they went out the door wearing.   This is an opportunity to communicate to your child that you love them enough to hold them accountable!