Passover Meal

When we open the purple egg, inside is a cup.  The cup symbolizes the Last Supper that Jesus celebrated with His disciples.  This is something that Christians celebrate several times throughout the year.  Some churches even take communion every Sunday in memory of the Last Supper.  The Last Supper is a picture of the fulfillment of the Jewish Passover. Even today Easter falls on different dates each year because we still celebrate our holy day around the Passover.

Why not do what Jesus did and celebrate both this year. Have a traditional Passover dinner.  This is a wonderful event to add to your Easter traditions.  The holiday of Passover is so beautifully steeped in Jewish tradition, which has been passed down through generations.  It is amazing to observe God’s hand as you see all of the messianic prophecies that are experienced through the meal.  This is a wonderful way to celebrate Jesus’ culture and understand the Last Supper, on a deeper level.