It’s hard to imagine all that Jesus sacrificed to pay for our sins.  A good practice for anyone is to learn to take time to process that sin in their life.  This season as we remember what he has done for us, it should become all the more important.

One activity we did in youth group that made the process of repentance very real was actually nailing your sins to the cross.  This can be something that as a family you can do every Easter season or Good Friday.  Spend some time thinking of some sins, (even young children can do this) and writing them down on a sheet of paper.  If your children are young you can write it for them. Make a cross out of two by fours, or just use one that you have for decoration.  You can either place your papers at the foot of the cross or actually nail them to the cross.  Leave these out until Easter Sunday as a reminder and then, as a family, either remove them or tear them up.  This will help children visualize that what Jesus did on the cross removed our sins.