So you never paid them to do anything around the house?

So you never paid them to do anything around the house?

Sep 18

Stock Photo of a Boy Washing a Car Stock Photo of a Boy WashingAfter the blog about using chores to teach personal responsibility and family membership and not tying their allowance to chores, I was asked if I ever found a reason to pay my children to do things around the house.

It was a great question and the answer is “yes”,  there were times I did pay them and there was always a reason.

Every Saturday my son Robey had the personal responsibility of washing his mother’s car.  He did that as a family responsibility; in other words for no pay.  However, my car was out there in the driveway also.

“Robey, since my car is out there and you already have the hose and bucket out to do mom’s car, do you want to make some money and wash my car? I’ll pay you for my car.”

His responsibility was his mother’s car.  His opportunity was to wash my car.  We never had a set price for washing my car.  It was always negotiable.  I wanted to give him the opportunity and experience to speak up for himself and learn how to negotiate.

He was doing his chores for free to learn responsibility.  He was negotiating an extra job for pay and to learn how to “ask”.  How many people do we know that have spent a lifetime deserving a pay raise but never got one … because they never asked?

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