In today’s fast paced culture, teaching our children how to use their time wisely becomes an important job that can make or break the college years.  Teaching Time Management to our children can help them to cope with the many distractions that campus life can have. With the instant access to information that the internet provides, there are many benefits for today’s college student.  For example, research for class papers is made much easier.   However, there are many things that may distract the student and eat away at their time. Online gaming has become a major problem and there are even some students who can become so addicted to gaming that they can’t keep up in their classes and will end up dropping out.  There are many other social activities that are available on the college campus that if not balanced can also effect the  grades of the student .   This is why in later high school years we must begin to allow our teens to manage their time.  We can be there to encourage the good decisions and help talk through the poor.  We must allow some freedom for our teen to make their own decisions in this area and possibly learn from their mistakes at home, with parental coaching.

One area that may work for a test of a child’s time management skills is bedtime.  As your child hits the  high school years you can experiment by  giving them a later bedtime.   As they approach their senior year, depending on their responsibility level, you can also see how they handle having no bedtime. This will begin to train them how to be responsible with their time and sleep schedule.