Teaching Life Skills

Teaching Life Skills

Mar 11

Like we have said before breaks can be such a valuable time for the family with just a little bit of effort.  These are times that can bond a family together through memorable experiences. They are also times that can be used to teach life skills. The added time makes it the perfect opportunity to teach children valuable skills that they will need for the future.

Teaching a child how to do there own laundry is a simple but invaluable lesson.  They will not be standing in their dorm with other freshman holding whites that are now pink because they didn’t know how to sort clothes.  A few hours of a parent’s time can prevent these embarrassing and sometimes costly mishaps.

Another simple but easy lesson is teaching a child how to plan for, shop for and cook a meal.  It doesn’t have to be a five star quality, seven-course meal.  In fact, the younger the child the more simple it would need to be.  Again this is a great opportunity to teach this life skill and to teach healthy eating.  It can also give a chance for dad to cheer on this accomplishment as he eats.

It is amazing how many people reach adulthood clueless about simple everyday tasks.  All it takes is a very small investment of time, and exercising a little bit (or a lot) of trust.  These are just to examples of simple things to teach to set your child up for the future!

Spring break is great for teaching life skills.  Yes, it does take more time to teach then it does to do yourself but if we don’t teach, who will?

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