Teaching Prayer

Teaching Prayer

Mar 24

Jesus goes into the garden to pray and spend time with the Father before His crucifixion. One of the lessons He to consistently teaches His disciples, is the value of prayer.  His last hours before the trial were spent in deep and agonizing prayer.  The lesson we can take to our children is the importance of prayer.

There are many ways to teach prayer to children.  The traditional prayers before bedtime teaches that God should be the last thing on our minds before we go to sleep.  Praying before meals teaches us to be thankful for what God has given.  But how do we teach prayer on a deeper level?

Making a family prayer request log is a good start.  Have your kids decorate a poster board that you can keep in a central location.  Everyone can write up prayer requests.  In your family devotions you can refer to the prayer request log.  When a prayer is answered, you can highlight or put a sticker by it.  This serve as a visual reminder that God answers prayers.

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