Teens and Sexuality

As we wrap up our month on friends and dating we would be remiss to not talk more about teens and sexuality.  The needed ongoing talk about the personal discipline of abstinence is not because we are old fashioned or because it is really the only safe choice, because its what God set up as a standard for us.

Teen sex is destructive on so many levels.  Many parents take the attitude that today’s teen is going to do it anyway so… That’s makes about as much sense as saying that the teen is going to speed when he drives anyway so let’s buy extra airbags for safety.

Teen sex is damaging to them emotionally.  Sex was created as a bond between a couple that was meant to help “seal” a marriage.  When this bond is taken lightly and misused it affects us emotionally.  It also affects our future relationships.  Teens do not have the maturity to deal with the pain that comes when that sexual bond is severed and the relationship ends.

Teen sex can also be damaging to them physically.  Because STD’s are on the rise this is something that concerned parents cannot afford to take lightly.  Teens are more susceptible to STD’s then adults as well because their bodies are still developing.  With the diseases out their, many of which are incurable, our kids are literally taking their lives in their hands if they treat sex casually.  Many of these STD’s are not 100% prevented by practicing “safe sex” .  That’s basically like saying,  you have a 1 in 8 chance of your parachute not opening when you jump out of this plane, how many of us would go sky diving at that point?  Yet many parents are treating the casual nature of teen sex with the same sense of idiocy.  This is a protection issue and we need to protect our teens as well as their future!  More than that, it is an issue that will impact future intimacy in marriage.  Most of all, understand it or not, agree with it or not, it is a total violation of the Operator’s manual for handling life.  God calls us to the personal discipline of abstinence before marriage.  Either He knows what’s best or not, there’s no gray area here.