The Christmas Negligee

Father & son shoppingDon’t just give Christmas gifts…use Christmas gifting to teach your children.

Each December my dad took my brother and I to New York City to do two things.  We ate at a great hamburger restaurant called Choo Choo Burger.  But before eating we went to Macy’s to purchase my mom a night gown.

It was horrible!  Two boys and a man standing in the negligee section.  Wow! We couldn’t even say the word negligee, let alone want to be there watching my dad laugh at us as he held up a night gown.  I kept thinking, “What if someone I know sees me standing here?”  My dad seemed to enjoy putting us through the humiliation.

Fast forward two decades.  Rosemary and I were finishing up Christmas day, and cleaning up the wrapping paper. At that Christmas we had been married for six years. Sitting down I sensed I needed to say something.

“I didn’t really get you what you wanted this year did I” I asked.  “I mean I thought I got you what you asked for.”

Then she replied, “Christmas was great, but if you were to get me one more thing I wish you would get me something that said I’m still sexy to you…a night gown or something like that.

I finally got it.  Dad wasn’t trying to humiliate us, he was training us to be husbands.