How did the Joseph of Genesis 37 thru 50 have such a strong self-esteem that he never caved into the temptations of Potiphar’s wife?  He knew the One to whom he belonged.  Joseph never caved into the culture around him because he had learned, over a period of time, that God was really in control and that God had a dream for him.

Growing to a point of feeling good about who you are, because you know Whose you are takes much more than religion and more than attending church on Sunday.  This is a daily training priority.

Taking fifteen minutes to read a Bible passage every morning at the table and praying before school begins to help a child develop a relationship with God.  Answering their questions with, “Well, let me ask you, how do you think God answers that question?”

Pointing out things that happened, which show God was obviously directing, helps a child learn to see God’s hand.

Nothing is more important for the development of a child’s self-esteem, and his or her subsequent future, than helping them develop their relationship with God.

This is even more important than their academic development.  There are many Ivy League people with degrees that have fallen miserably short of God’s intended plan for their life.

Joseph, on the other hand, went from prisoner to Prime Minister of Egypt … a Jew, Prime Minister of Egypt, certainly an impossibility, but not with God.  His self esteem was totally derived from learning the lesson of whose he was.

Spend two decades teaching your child Whose he or she is and you will develop a self-esteem that will be able to risk greatness, without fear of what the crowds will say.  They will learn to live life for an Audience of One.