Once you have decided that your child is mature enough to “work” a party, develop your Party Selection List.

A Party Selection List consists of questions you need answered before the party becomes a “Yes Party”. These are questions you will want to ask the parental host and you want to ask the questions with your child present. That way your child will begin to understand what a “Yes Party” looks like before he/she asks for permission to attend.

When a child asks for permission to go to a party, ask for the phone number of the host parent.

“Mom,” the child will panic, “You’re not going to call are you!”

Parent’s response: “No, I won’t call unless you want to go to this party. It’s your choice.”

The parent’s call to the parent hosting the party goes something like this: “Hi, this is Mrs. Smith. I understand your daughter is having a party this Friday night. My son has been invited. Do you mind if I ask a few questions?”

Have your questions ready. Questions like, “Are you going to be there chaperoning all evening? There won’t be any alcohol will there? Is this a party for just this age group or are older kids attending?”

Once the questions have been answered, thank the host and tell them you look forward to meeting them when you drop your child off.

You wouldn’t let a stranger use your car Friday night, therefore, why would you be any less careful with your child?

The first step in this training opportunity is to find out if this is a “Yes Party”. Make your list of questions.

Tomorrow: Give your child their training assignment.