Creating a plan is necessary for many aspects of life but essential for parenting.  Having a plan makes many areas of parenting easier, such as discipline, time management, ect.   When the children have big chunks of unscheduled time a plan is even more important.   A plan helps us meet goals for the break, rather than waste time and get as frustrated.

Create a basic plan.  What is the goal for the break is it to get things accomplished? Is it to do several family activities or traditions? Is it to teach a life skill to your children?  There are several ideas for break that we will be fleshing out over the next few days so that by the time the break hits you will be able to keep your sanity.

For the family that both parents are employed outside the home, as well as the single family home, the concept of the plan is absolutely necessary.   You’ve heard it before: To fail to plan is to plan to fail.