Training Each Child as an Individual

Training Each Child as an Individual

May 12

It seems as though the push to act like an adult is getting younger and younger with each generation. Children feel as though they should be able to have adult privileges at scarily young ages.  Like we mentioned last week, it’s very important to have established your family rules, concerning hanging out with friends, at an early age.  If you don’t, you will be unprepared when the pressure from your child arrives. Their constant requests for freedom may cause you to give in and allow them to do something that you would ordinarily say “No” to.

We mentioned yesterday, that the age requirements for allowing the beginning stages of freedom will vary for each household, and possibly for each child.  Children are each different due to personality and development. This is where we must make adjustments as parents by taking the time to know your children. As with many aspects of parenting, what worked or didn’t work for the oldest child may take some tweaking as younger siblings come up the ranks!  It is so important for the protection of our children that we take the time to train each individual to become trustworthy as we take each step toward trust.   Don’t give them any more freedom than you are willing to examine.

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