What age do you start teaching chores?

Gulliver in the Country of LilliputsBack on the farm families started teaching a child to do chores the minute he or she could walk. It was always “all hands on deck”.  Today, parents can still do the same thing.

When a toddler takes all his toys out of the toy box, both he and your have a choice to make. It would be so much faster and easier for mom to manage the child’s space by picking up everything for the child.  But, that would be a missed opportunity to train and affirm the child.

Instead of being a managing parent this would be an opportunity to take the extra time to be a training parent.

The mom could start with “Honey, come and help mommy by putting your toys back in the toy chest.”

Will he want to do it?  No! But, he will get excited about doing it when he hears mom say, “You are such a big boy for putting your toys back.  Thank you! I’m very proud of you.”

It’s a training time and it’s also a time of encouragement.  When do you start? Now!