As we begin our next few days of activities to count down to Easter, we are following the “Resurrection Eggs” devotional.  If you don’t have the eggs you can just find that part of the story in your Bible to read to your children and continue on with the activity.  The first egg that is opened has a little donkey in it.  This is to commemorate the triumphal entry into Jerusalem by Jesus.  This story can be found in Matthew 21. Some celebrate it as Palm Sunday.

We can take our cue from this story and use this day to praise and thank God for what He has done in our lives.  Little “Easter trees” are a very popular decoration right now.  These little trees have cute little eggs hanging from them.  We can make a “praise tree” to remind us what we are thankful for during this holiday.  You can utilize one of the Easter trees if you have one.  Just cut out pretty pieces of paper and have your family write down what they want to praise God for. You can also make a construction paper tree on your wall to decorate with your families praises.  Beginning to focus our minds during this season is a very important habit to begin.

The goal: To stop and thank God for the gift we are given at Easter.