What do you do about parties?

There are so many questions about children/teens and parties. How old do they need to be when they go to a party … without a parent accompanying them?  Should they go to parties where I don’t really know the parent?

With all the questions about parties, the real question is “What purpose do parties serve?” Keep in mind parties do serve as a great training opportunity for parents.

Our parenting mandate is to train our children up so they will succeed at becoming the adult God created them to be. To reach that goal our children need training opportunities for dealing with their peers. If not, they are lambs going to the slaughter when they arrive on the college campus.

When we aren’t with them, how will they know how to walk out of a bad relationship?  That starts with knowing how to walk out of a bad date and this starts with knowing how and when to walk out of a bad party.  This all takes training!

Parties can be a great opportunity for peer pressure practice, if they are handled as a training exercise.

Don’t fear parties. Use parties as an opportunity to train a teen how to turn down parties and how to walk out of parties. Use parties to train them up to become party experts … Godly adults.

Tomorrow: What kind a party manager are you?