The next egg has silver coins in it.  This tells the story of Judas betraying Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.  One of the lessons to learn in this story is how far greed can take us.  Judas was focused on the wrong treasure.  He completely missed the privilege he had been given to be with our Lord.  He was so consumed with greed that he was willing to sell one of his closest friends to enemies for money.

In order to teach this lesson we can show our kids what the real treasures are in life.  The activity for today is a treasure hunt.  You can hide clues through out the house to the “buried treasure”.  The clues can even be hidden in eggs to make it more festive if you wish.  The treasure the kids can find could be pictures of family members, or families names, a Bible to represent God, ECT.  The point is to help them focus on what the true treasures are in life.  God, family, friends, freedom, life, this is where your creativity can take over as well.  Don’t miss the opportunity to steer them in the right direction, after things that are truly valuable!