What to consider when selecting extra activities

Everyone wants to provide there children with the best opportunities to succeed. However, rather than assuming that next team sport or activity will build up their mind, muscle and (team) spirit, start off by asking yourself this very important question first:

How will this activity impact:

1. Our family life

2. Their school responsibilities

3. Church activities

So often it’s our family life that gets sidelined in order to get a child participating in an extra activity. School and church activities are already scheduled therefore, family is usually what gets dropped.

Next ask yourself what the extra activity will do to help train your child. Will it teach team participation? That’s valuable.  Will it give the child the opportunity to interact with the world? That’s both instructional and mission focused.

When my son turned 5 we signed him up for soccer in a city league. It was a team sport that he had shown some aptitude for, and it helped his body get in shape.

As he made new friends on the team he kept asking them where they went to church. None of them went to church anywhere and that was a new awareness for him. That was the beginning of his mission mindset.

It was more than soccer. It was a life training opportunity and that meant we had to be very involved. We couldn’t just drop him off, we had to dive into the whole training opportunity as a family.

Your family and their training is too valuable to give up for “just” a sporting opportunity.