Who decides when your teen can start going to parties?

When it comes to making a parental decision about whether your teen can go to a party or not, do you start by saying “No”?  Then cave in later because your child begs and claims he is the only kid in the entire middle school whose mom won’t let them go … Only cool kid anyway.

Do you say “yes” out of exhaustion or do you stay with your training plan. One is a Debating Parent while the other is a Training Parent.

A Debating Parent makes decisions by debate. The fact that the parent really isn’t comfortable with the party is an issue, but not the deciding factor. The winner of the debate wins the prize.

The Training Parent says “No” and sticks with it when it comes to “No Parties”.

The training parent also uses the “Yes Parties” for more than entertainment. The training parent uses the party for teaching and preparation.

If your child can’t handle a party with many peers, they certainly can’t handle a date one-on-one.  The “Yes Parties” are opportunities for much more than entertainment. They serve as avenues for training your child in the way they should handle themselves in potentially difficult situations in their future.

Tomorrow: The party selection process.