Why Bother with Chores?

mother daughter ironing - choreMost parents don’t give their children chores to do because chores have lost their original purpose. There was a reason people used to have twelve children instead of two. People of the past needed all the children they could birth just to get all the farm work done.

It was never the thought “Should I teach my child how to get these eggs each morning or should I just go ahead and do it myself?” There was too much work to do on the farm. All hands were needed!

Children were taught to do chores in order to survive.  But today chores are actually the teacher to help our children grow up and survive…as adults.

Many parents today don’t give their children the responsibility of chores because it’s too much of a hassle. “I’ll just do it myself.  I can do it faster and easier.”

That’s a task-oriented manager rather than a training-oriented parent … and we are charged with the assignment to train them up.  An important goal of a parent is to raise an adult.  Adults are people who have been trained past adolescence to accept the responsibility for their behavior and actions.

Teach a child to do chores and you will be training a child to become a responsible adult.

Tomorrow: How to use chores to teach responsibility.